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Work one-on-one with a trusted sport psychology coach

I am passionate about helping the athletes I work with perform to the best of their ability. Have you struggled with maintaining attentional focus, staying motivated, or relaxing under pressure? Do you feel like you're missing a vital piece in your training? The strategies and techniques I provide, along with your dedication, will enhance your performance and may give you that edge over your opponent.

Let's Break it Down

  • Mindset training sessions take place over the phone for ease and convenience

  • Together, the athlete and coach determine what is wanted from sessions

  • Challenging, meaningful, and achievable goals are created

  • The coach crafts a game-plan with the athlete to reach these goals

  • Empirically supported sport psychology strategies and techniques are taught to the athlete and he/she implements them in practice or games

  • Successes and failures are unpacked and understood during sessions

  • The coach constantly monitors and tweaks the strategies and ensures the athlete is maintaining adherence to their uniquely individualized program

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